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Leona Thompson

Leona Thompson

Leona Thompson is a passionate Auckland Property Manager with skills experience and motivation that allows her to deliver leading customer service and attention to detail to our landlords, their property and tenants.  Like Sam and Stacey, Leona takes pride and care with her managements, and pride in great communication.  Together we have spent many hours giving our properties those loving final touch ups and quality inspections before tenants move in, because we have a firm belief in managing, providing and maintaining quality rental property, and we expect and enforce that our tenants take good care of them.  Leona is highly respected for her diligence and passion here at Chase, we are very proud to have a property manager who shares our ethos of delivering the best in property management by design.

"I am overjoyed to have a company which has the systems,  I have always dreamed of using.  Excellent property Management requires the time and effort that many companies just can't commit because their property managers are overworked with too many properties.  This is certainly a factor in the industry having a reputation for high staff turnover.  At Chase Property Management I have the power to make choices or take action for the good of my clients, without having to persuade management.  Its empowering, and I couldn't be happier."

Leona Thompson + Chase Property Management leading the way

Leona and Chase Property Management founders Sam Coutts and Stacey Mooney share a solid understanding of where the Auckland Property Management industry is failing its Landlords, Tenants, and Property Managers.  From this we have designed a Auckland property management company to deliver what clients really want and need.
Starting with the best in property management systems, we have integrated leading technologies to stay ahead of the field.  Chase Property Management operates what we believe to be Industry Leading Systems and Principles of excellent property management customer service.

Together we operate for a restricted clientele in order to deliver the service we want for our own property as meticulous property managers.

Request a Property Management Presentation from Leona

If you are seeking excellent property management in Auckland and would like to know the finer details of our service, please feel welcome to arrange a time with Leona to offer a no obligations Property Management service presentation.  Click here for contact us page.

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