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About Us

Professional Property Management with a Difference.

The team at Chase Property Management bring together a wealth of rental property management and experience with a deep understanding of property management in Auckland.

With years of industry know-how and a unique knack for dealing with people, Stacey has a strong focus on customer service and believes in honest and open communication. Sam has legal and technical rental property management knowledge and experience, and together with their strong management skills are well suited to offer a truly unique and personable service to the rental property market on the Hibiscus Coast, the North Shore, and Central Auckland.

Stacey Mooney

Stacey has a true passion for rental property management and enjoys dealing with all kinds of people, she understands that in business, customer satisfaction and prompt communication are key and often under-appreciated qualities.

Stacey prides herself on being able to handle and solve any issue that comes up while keeping all her landlords and tenants informed along the way. Each day holds a different set of challenges, and Stacey meets each of these head on. Her strong organization skills and friendly, direct approach is a true asset to her landlords and tenants.

“It’s great to be able to help people find the right home for them that suits their needs, and to be a part of this exciting time in their lives.”

“One of the most enjoyable aspects of my role is the long term relationships I build with investors and tenants, watching the landlord’s portfolio grow and the tenants turning into investors themselves”.

Sam Coutts

Sam’s diverse background means he is well positioned to provide landlords and tenants with an excellent rental property management service.

Sam is a successful property owner himself and has previous experience in the building maintenance industry. This gives him both a good eye for detail in understanding a property’s true condition and for identifying potential challenges around rental property maintenance and management.

Sam understands the social and economic drivers affecting rental property in particular on the Hibiscus Coast, North Shore, and Central Auckland, and maintains a genuine interest in Auckland’s property market.

Sam's previous education in such relevant fields as contract law & administration, construction science, procurement, property valuation methods, property development feasibility, and property investment mathematics combined with trade experience provides him with a unique skill set for the rental property management industry.

With a family history in property investment and development, Sam has grown up around individuals who have a strong grasp of the Auckland property market.

“Watching the generations before me was an education in itself”, he says. “I admire the fact that they have continued to prosper even through difficult economic times. They have maintained residential and commercial tenants for many years, while continually improving the condition of their property portfolio. I aim to achieve the same great results for our clients”.

“I think the key to success is smart working, flexibility and constant learning. Of course, being honest and respectful also counts for a lot – especially in an area of business that could benefit from a more customer-centric approach”.

Why Chase?

We have named our company after Sam's dog Chase, because we believe she embodies some core values of an excellent property management company. An enthusiastic and obedient companion, she has done wonders for our security, health and stress levels over the past eleven years. Clever and loyal, she puts to rest the myth that old dogs can't learn new tricks, and her kind and friendly nature brings new and old friends together. Chase is wonderful at protecting our assets and improves the quality of our lives every day.

With respect to those that have come before us, this Chase is a new breed of service and in no way affiliated with any predecessors.