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A New Way to Rent Property.

    The team at Chase Property Management will help you find a rental property that is right for you.  We will explain the rental laws and regulations that affect you as a tenant, and give you tips and advice on how to care for your rental property.  Apply Online by Clicking Here. 

    Tenancy Application Tenancy Application

    Get to know your neighbours.

     Knowing your neighbours has many benefits, and we encourage it. Here at Chase we believe a sense of community starts with a small action, so go ahead and extend the olive branch because despite your best efforts you may upset your neighbours from time to time. Under Section 40 in the Residential Tenancies Act Interfering with the comfort peace or privacy of your neighbourhood is a breach of your tenancy agreement.  

    At Chase we encourage our
    landlords to have healthy homes.

    The team at Chase care about our tenants, and believe that you should be as comfortable as possible in your rented property. We promote and support on-going maintenance on all our properties. A healthy home means better health for you and your family, and is more energy efficient.

    What tenants should know before signing

    Do you know you need contents insurance, and if you break your fixed term lease you will have to pay rent until a new tenant is found, or the tenancy lease runs out, whichever comes first? It is also against tenancy law to withhold rent with the intention for this to be deducted from the bond. Your rent must be paid in full, leaving your bond intact. Click the residential agreement link below for more information. http://www.dbh.govt.nz/tenants-index

    What makes Chase unique?

    • We care about our tenants.
    • We are your local rental property management experts.
    • Managing rental properties is all we do.
    • We have a wealth of building, legal, and management knowledge and experience.
    • We only manage healthy properties.

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    Stacey's tips for tenants

    • Try and keep your appointment times.
    • We look at social media, even Facebook (so have a happy profile picture!).
    • Send any repair requests to us ASAP.
    • Don’t avoid our calls – it may be important!
    • Wipe as many marks off the walls as you can.
    • Ventilation is key to avoiding toxic mould.
    • A good tenant pays their rent on time, looks after the property, and doesn't disturb the neighbours.
    • Get to know your neighbours (read below or click here for  more tenants tips).

    Renting with Chase Property Management

    The team at Chase will do their best to help you as tenants enjoy the experience of renting. Working with an experienced and caring property manager takes the stress out of finding and living in rental property.