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Property Managers are employed to keep close watch over the Auckland rental property market.  Monitoring changes in rental asking prices and Bond Lodgement Statistics via the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment offer us key insights into how we can best act or adjust residential rental property weekly rent prices.

This page offers links to some of the analysis we undertake of Auckland rental property pricing.  All information contained within is for consideration and entertainment purpose only, information and links shared are not necessarily the opinion of Chase Property Management or its Property Managers.  Where bond lodgement statistics are analysed all credit and acknowledgments go deservedly to the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, an excellent resource that can be accessed by all.  Property types with fewer bonds lodges will show greater statistical and price variance and as such only rental property types with a significant number of bonds lodged provide rental movement increases we would put any confidence in.

Chase Property Management often analyses year on year nett rental price movement, 

Taking care of residential property

Auckland Rental Price Changes

Auckland City Suburbs Rental Price Analysis

North Shore Rental Price Monitoring

North Shore Rental Price Movement Analysis

Rodney Rental Price Analyses

links to rodney rental price movements

Link-worthy articles on Auckland Property and Rental Property Market

Take any article linked to in this section with proper consideration and a grain of salt, every commentator/opinion publisher/journalist/media outlet has their own drives motivations and intentions, not all statements are facts from scientific experts, often they are simply opinions of the moment.

Jan 2015 Herald article on Auckland Rent
Jan 2015 3 News Rental and housing markets 'chalk and cheese'

Further information about rent increases

Giving notice of rent increases
Why you should ensure you are charging fair market rent

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