2015-2016 Auckland Rental Price Increases

Posted on Thursday, February 04, 2016, by Sam Coutts

Below Chase Property Management has used government bond lodgement statistics information to compare mean rent information gathered for the periods (1st-August-2014 to 31st-January-2015) vs (1st-August-2015 to 31st-January-2016).

This information considers some the most common Auckland rentals by selecting only properties with high number of bonds lodged. The intention is to ascertain an approximate gauge of the increases in Auckland's rental pricing.  We would normally include more property types and areas, but find that properties with fewer bonds show greater fluctuations, which can sensationalise the facts and figures.  This information is published as entertainment and not to be relied upon, as it is the Landlord (or Property Manager's) role to ensure fair market rent is being charged in accordance with New Zealand Tenancy Law.  Bond lodgement statistics are historical, and may not reflect the current market (i.e. rental statistics from August 2015, may not be equal to today's advertising price).  Please read more below the image.

Auckland Rental Price Changes

Copyright, Disclaimer and use of Market Rent Statistics:

The source of information (primarily mean rent statistics) for this analysis is solely and primarily from MBIE Bond Lodgement Statistics.  Please feel welcome to view their copyright Click here for License.  Please feel welcome to view MBIE Copyright, disclaimer and use information here.

The image, a rental price change table is created by, property of and copyright to Chase Property Management Ltd, fair usage is welcomed, please acknowledge or link to our website as the source of information.


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