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Tenants Save Time and Apply Online

Good news for tenants looking for property in the busy Auckland rental market.  Trademe has now launched an online application system that works in conjunction with Viewing Tracker called Tenancy Tracker.  

The beauty of this new system is that where previously online applications and in general application forms were for each individual property management company, now Tenancy Tracker (by Trademe) will help you to save time, by letting you autofill when on every application after the first.  If you view two properties in one day, the time it will take you to apply has just about halved!

We are very happy that someone (Trademe) has finally come to the party and taken action to make prospective tenants lives easier.  Until now I've found applying in paper form to be easier, but given the benefits Tenancy tracker offers tenants in Auckland's' highly competitive rental market.

Advice for tenants house hunting remains the same from our Property Managers:
1. Log into Trademe.
2. Search rental property for the area + property type + price range you would consider.
3. Click "Save this Search" (located under the main Trademe Search Banner).

Register for Alerts on Trademe

Now you you will be emailed each time a property manager or landlord lists a new rental.  This mean that you can be in the first viewing, and if you're proactive be the first to apply.  
Property managers & landlords are looking to find the sign the best tenant as soon as possible so being in that first lot to apply can make all the difference.

Apply ASAP:
Until now, my advice to tenants has been if you think you will apply for the property, take a completed application form (for each person over 18) + Picture of ID + printed written references to your viewing and if applying hand it to the Agent.  Moving forward my advice is to tell the agent at the viewing you wish to apply online, and do so straight after the viewing.

The primary benefit of applying online being that if you arent chosen for the first property, you've saved time in applying for the next one.

If you have viewed one of our properties and wish to apply online, you can find the link to TPS online application form by clicking here Or you can find a link to our online application via our Tenants page click here.

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