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the importance of photography in Chase Property Management

Our property managers have seen the benefit of attention to detail and quality of photography when advertising available rentals in Auckland.

Its interesting to compare the quality of photography between property management companies and real estate companies, while i understand that one is worth a lot more money at the bottom line, both are used to attract potential clients, our property management company and its property managers treat photography with more care to capture the interest of good tenants.

Its true, it takes more time and money to produce quality photography for advertising, but given that first impressions last and advertising is done online where Auckland rental property is competing for tenants, we want to capture prospective tenants attention and interest as quickly as possible!

Chase Property Management rental photography has been thru an evolution over the last year.  We initially started with a great DSLR camera, but found that it wasn't capturing enough of the rooms space, wanting to capture a wider picture to create a sense of space, we upgraded to a wide angle lense.  Our quest for perfection has only grown, learning from professional real estate photographers upgrading our flash, to light the room with a more natural light on those dull days, and investing in software to help level lighting, and enhance natural colors.

When a real estate company is selling a house they stand to gain quite handsomely, so they invest in a professional photographer to ensure that your marketing material looks its best.  In property management the financial gain isn't at the same level, so neither the property manager, nor landlords are prepared to pay for professional photography, but the need for quality advertising still stands.

We invest more time and effort into our rental property photography, thinking the angles thru to give a better sense of space, post photography editing and publishing to give the final touches. We end up taking more photos than our online advertising space can handle, so we put a selection of photos into a slideshow, and produce up to two minutes of video, so interested tenants can get a better sense of what the rental has to offer.

See here for an example:

Because we spend extra for featured listings online to promote our rental property, we like to ensure that what people see is somewhat enjoyable and as enticing as possible.

If you want a property manager in Auckland who takes great care with your rental property, give Sam or Stacey at Chase Property Management a call to talk about your needs.


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