What might Property Management under level 3 lockdown look like?

Posted on Wednesday, April 22, 2020, by Sam Coutts

What might Property Management under level 3 lockdown look like?

With recent Government announcements New Zealanders will move from Level 4 to level 3 lockdown on April 28th, (and with time on our hands right now) we consider what that's likely to mean for property management.  

While we are still awaiting further information, its reasonable to make some assumptions about our business life under level 3 based on the information already at hand:

We can safely say that the information pertaining to real estate will apply to property management, and so we expect the following:

Work from home continues through level 3 in general.  Trades work may expand on rentals, but only in accordance with Health guidelines.  We anticipate this will likely look like:  A tradesperson may conduct non urgent works under certain conditions, we imagine external repairs and maintenance may resume

Operate under health and safety and bubble best practices where any interactions do occur.  I.e. proper distances maintained, interactions recorded

Viewings: Current information states, “One-on-one viewings and pre-settlement inspections may be possible” (We expect this only applies where the home/rental property is empty/ not inhabited, with such importance placed on keeping your bubble small its a safe assumption).

Inspections: We don't anticipate regular routine inspections to resume until level 2 is reached.  While trusted sources of information available such as are anticipating inspections may be possible under strict safety precautions, we expect that the potential of transmission risk from a property manager entering numerous inhabited properties will outweigh the needs of getting back on top of routine inspections.

In short, while we are still awaiting Government to divulge further information, we are anticipating next weeks level 3 to look similar, but with more action where it is going to be clearly and practically safe to do so.


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