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Chase Property Management Rent Arrears Policy

1     Day Behind-   

     Text/call to tenant to acknowledge missed rent payment.

2     Days Behind-

     Text and phone call to tenant to discuss (if no acknowledgement visit property).

3    Days Behind-

    14 day breach notice is issued to the tenant and any failure to comply to request within 14 days will result in an application being filed for termination of tenancy under S56 of the Residential Tenancies Act.

4     Days Behind- 

   Follow up text/call to tenant to advise breach notice has been sent.

5     Days Behind- 

   Application to Tenancy Tribunal to seek remedy or termination of tenancy.



This all recorded in our software program so we don’t miss a beat in this area.

If the tenant receives three 14 day breach notices, details are loaded onto the TINZ/Centrix website, which all good rental property companies are using to assess tenant applicant merit, so these breach notices due to late rent payments will be visible on any future credit checks.

Tenant signed:

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