Chase's Tips for New Tenants

1 - Be prepared

Have all the necessary forms ready when your viewing the property, tenancy applications are usually available online. The house might not be suitable or you may have just missed out on it, but then your application is on file with the office.  Let your referees know that someone will be calling them.

2 - The money question

Have sufficient funds to pay the bond, first week’s rent and letting fee if this applies. Some rental property management companies will not hand over the keys or even sign the agreement until this has been paid.

3 – Transferring your bond

If you are transferring your bond and there is a difference, pay the difference to your new landlord as soon as you can so they can send it off to the bond centre. This is a great way to show you are reliable with payments.

4 - Organise a pre-vacating inspection

Ask your current landlord to do a pre-vacating inspection, this way you get to go over with them what needs to be done so you can get your bond back.

5 - Be honest

These days we are able to check your previous rental history, or if you have ever been to tenancy tribunal for arrears or clean-up, so there is no point in being dishonest.

 6 - Visit the property first

View the property physically; you may be disappointed with the size of the Kitchen, bedrooms, backyard, or location of the house if you just view it on-line. This is also an opportunity to highlight your best features as a tenant. Be on time for your appointment.

7 - Extend your search options

Use all the options available to get the latest rental properties available; sign up to property alerts, trade me, or here on our web-site. Most rentals will not last long so try and get you application in quickly.

8 - Be available

Being available and ready is very important when viewing potential rental properties. If the property is tenanted we have to work with the tenants when we can show people through; nobody likes to have strangers in their house when it's dinner time. Be prepared to arrange to leave work earlier or do viewings in your lunch break.

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