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Chase Property Open for Business

Stacey and Sam are super excited to announce that after 4 months of planning, organising, seeking advice and opinions, creating contracts, our website and establishing solid systems based on some of  the best industry knowledge.  We are finally ready to offer our idealistic property management to a select few clients.

We have invested a lot of time money and sleepless nights to create a service our customers can be proud of.  We started with our idealist attitude that there are a lot of landlords and tenants that justifiably desire a better property management company.

We have personally asked many landlords and a few ideal tenants, their opinion about the current market: from the landlord with one property and a large mortgage, to the landlord on the rich list with zero mortgages.

We are consistently hearing the same things:

Landlord comments:

"My property manager seems to change every year, it’s not ideal".

"My property manager takes a long time to return my calls".

"My tenant is X weeks behind in rent, and my property manager hasn’t resolved the issue".

"My tenant told me the property manager conducted the property inspection in 5 minutes, and didn’t notice the guttering has fallen down, and the washing machine is leaking on the floor".

"My Builder has just informed me that my bathroom floor is destroyed, why hasn’t the property manager notified me of this?"

"My cash flow is all over the show because there are additional fees for everything".

Comments from people we class as "Ideal Tenants":

"I’ve applied for 3 Properties; the Property managers never return my calls".

"It’s Taken 7 weeks and multiple calls and emails to get a leaking tap fixed, in the meantime the landlord’s kitchen is getting damaged, I’m appalled".

We believe that Landlords want a service:

Where communication (and action) is prompt and honest;

That is focused on customer satisfaction;

Where property inspections are thorough and real observations about property condition are observed and reported;

That really aims to deliver a system that best protects their asset and income;

We believe:

If tenants have their obligations explained they stand more chance of meeting them;

If a pre-vacating inspection is done, tenants stand a better chance of leaving the property in good condition;

All good tenants are potential customers of our landlords, and they should be treated as such, if your property manager isn’t treating good applicant tenants with courtesy you are missing a great opportunity.

We believe we have something unique to offer:

A service that has manages fewer properties per person than our competitors so you get a better service.

We want to consistently grow from our customer’s feedback so you rate us 10/10, to do that we ask what your ideal service is, and we set out to deliver it, and we check that we are hitting those targets;

We want to be the first company to ask our customers to rate our service via a private area on our website, which will then be on display for all to see how you really feel about our service;

We want to use our systems to protect your income and your assets;

We want to charge only the fees that allow us to deliver the kind of service you want, (this means we won’t charge to low and deliver a shoddy service, nor charge unreasonably high.)

The benefit to you:

Is having property managers you’re connected with, that actually work for you;

That are responsive, and take action;

You are always dealing with an owner of the company that actually want to consistently grow from your feed back;

You can retain a property manager for longer (we aren’t going to leave because our boss doesn’t give us enough respect or restricts our professional development);

To make this work:

We need landlords who are after a better service, so talk to us today, and lets be the property managment team you have always wanted.

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