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Staff Retention and Long term property management relationships

When choosing any service provider, it is important to consider the longevity of that relationship.

This morning’s herald article highlights, that “49 per cent of New Zealand workers will consider a job change”.  This is a huge number, and highlights the importance of serious consideration within any company about how to attract and retain the right team.

Read the article here: NZ Herald Article

Before starting Chase Property Management, we asked many people, with different interests (i.e. landlords, tenants, property managers) for opinions on where our industry was failing, succeeding, or could do with improvement.

One recurring theme about the New Zealand residential Property Management Industry is that there is often a high turnover of property managers within rental firms, which often lead to grievances over quality of service, respect to tenants, record keeping issues, maintenance slip ups, and so on.

This taught us that Property Owners and tenants alike are after stability in their property managers, and the firm that they have to deal with.

There are many potential reasons for staff turnover, and in creating Chase Property Management, we sought to reduce the potential for this to ever occur.

Staff want to be respected and acknowledged for their work; have opportunity for continued education and training, opportunity for advancement, flexibility of time and self-management, and the ability to make decisions on their own accord without having to seek approval from several steps up the command chain.

While not every Property manager is created equal, we understand that there are many good managers out there not getting their underlying intrinsic human desires met from their employing firm.

Stacey and I have created this company to ensure that each member involved is here for the long term and gets their underlying motivations met, in order that we can build long standing relationships, and create a company which each team member feels duly satisfied.

Our team has the blessing of keeping their portfolio smaller that other firms, which allows for a much better service to be delivered, and inturn, leads to greater satisfaction; our team is built from respected members, and can be trusted to be self motivated, and able to make their own decisions on key areas of importance, this all saves time and increases motivation to work (if it can be called that).

Expect to see us grow in the future, bringing on board more partners/team members, and operating a business model that fulfills staff potential, Landlord Satisfaction,  and Tenant satisfaction.

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