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Our Expertise

Why Chase is unique in property management.

Chase Property Management was founded to counter the issues Landlords and Tenants face with conventional Auckland Property Management. Overworked property managers and high staff turnover commonly associated with our industry consistently poses risks to landlords and instability for tenants. Many companies charge fees with numerous added costs destroying stability of cash flow from rental returns. Conversely, some companies charge low fees and rely on managing huge number of rentals to cover costs, which reduces the amount of time and attention to detail the property receives.


More about Chase Property
Management Fees

  • We charge a percentage fee on rental income received (No rent, No Fee), and a nominal maintenance fee.
  • Because no two properties (or clients) are the same, We don't advertise a fee.  Tell us about your property and your needs, and we can offer our service price.

We recommend you to request a no obligations service presentation, where we explain the full scope of our service and answer all of your questions in person. 

Management Fees Management Fees

Residential Property Management

Less for More

The team at Chase Property Management manage fewer rental properties, in fact a maximum of 1/2 what we've managed elsewhere. Fewer rentals, more time, better service.


Honest and open communication makes happy landlords and tenants. We will personally answer your calls and will keep you informed on matters affecting your interests.


Chase Property Management is independently Auckland owned and operated. Our property managers all carry the power to make executive decisions in your best interest without restriction from the boss.

What will our management model mean for you?

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